Photography Portfolio Summary


Counter the Land

Conceptual landscape photography course taken in Fall 2018.

Colorspace is my take on what the opposite of black & white looks like. I tried many different ways of doing this, and eventually was able to create a good, consistent methodology. The images are put through simple adjustments after their Brightness channels in HSB mode are flattened. The same process was applied to all photographs in this album. Location is Schuylkill Environmental Center.

Boundaries looks at the abundance of glass surfaces. I always enjoy looking at the distorted reflections in the windows of buildings around me. I have many images of this, even of glass in moving vehicles, but never did an actual project. With the prompt to create a set of images about interference, I went to Cira Green and looked for interesting and complex surfaces. Providing better views, the large windows have turned into views themselves. What is inside, and what is outside?

Copies explores the impact of appropriation—both for profit and for personal reasons—famous landmarks. It is generated by finding the median pixel value of a large number of images scraped from Instagram. The album shows Statue of Liberty (location), #lovestatue, #eiffeltower, #yosemite. The number of images double every iteration, starting at 32.



Sights that moved me during travel. Mobile photos are on Google Photos, which has an option to display image metadata.

Iceland is from a trip to Europe in 2016. My friends and I—we had met during military service and just finished—were so mesmerized by the scenery in Iceland, that we stopped our car minutes after leaving the airport to take photos. I remember thinking: “there is so much sky,“ because there were no buildings or hills in sight to obstruct it. Thankfully, one of us reminded the group that this is just the side of some road and that we will be doing actual sightseeing. I filled out my first SD card before we got to the Airbnb, and eventually deleted most images of the sides of the streets… The first image in the album was exhibited at the Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall during a guest event in a giant 65 by 44 inch print. Most images are taken in Iceland, but a few are from Scotland.

Yosemite is a set of images from 2014 at Yosemite National Park. I found the scale of the rocks and the patterns on the cliffs inspiring. This was a guided tour, so we had little time. I want to go back soon and hike around all day.

Mobile Photography (external link) is dedicated to images taken on my phone. For the past two years, I have not been traveling with my camera, because the phone is so much more convenient. In addition, image sensors and computational photography are really exciting right now; these technologies bring dramatic improvements in smartphone image quality. Some of my best images are taken on phones.


Advanced Digital Photography

An upper level photography course, taken in Spring 2014.

GMO is a subtle illustration of genetically modified organisms. For these images, I bought a few groups of fruits and vegetables that have similar shapes and textures but different colors. I photographed them in the same setting and produced the three variations on Photoshop.

Coherence is the result of a project named After…, which involved choosing an artist and imagining the work that would come after, both stylistically and conceptually. I chose Yves Medam, intrigued by the overlaying technique that resonated with me. The images seemed to encode how we experience the world—dynamic, multifaceted, and fragmented. I took hundreds of images at various focal lengths at locations around Philadelphia for this project. There is also a book. Images from this album won an award from International Photography Awards (IPA), 3rd in Architecture-Other in 2014.

Nature II imagines the ongoing struggle between construction and nature. At first a harmless barrier, the build environment slowly takes over until nature is just a mirage Taken around Philadelphia.


Old Portfolio

A selection of work produced in 2012 or earlier. This used to be everything on this website.

Vietnam I, Vietnam II is a pair of albums from Vietnam, when I went to a remote village for community service work. This was the second trip, and we built large huts using thatch. Some people in the village were affected by Agent Orange, which was motivation behind the work. The first album is mainly landscape, while the second is exclusively portraits.

Things Intangible is an experimental photo shoot that involves ink, soap, petri dish, and a light box. I was inspired by watching something about buildings mimicking nature, like bubbles, and that they have recursive / fractal structures. I still think that this kind of repetition has a lot to do with the perception of beauty. Before the shoot, I just wanted pretty bubbles, but I ended up with unique images resembling various intangible things.

Nature was shot at a forest in Korea, using a medium format film camera. The result is a wonderfully detailed and serene images of trees. My personal favorite is the second one. During this time, I tried many different types of cameras and photography.

China is a view of Beijing and some of its famous landmarks through a panoramic film camera. The format was fit for capturing the expanse and scale of the scenery.