Brand Identity & Logo Design


Radian National Training Visual Identity

I implemented several design standards and templates for a consistent look & feel for Radian’s training content. These were designed to fit seamlessly with Radian’s existing brand guidelines.

Logo Refresh

Logo for Timely Topics video series.

Logo for Timely Topics video series.

Concepts for edge learning, a new learning platform. The rhomboid is a Radian brand motif.

Concepts for edge learning, a new learning platform. The rhomboid is a Radian brand motif.

Course Title Lockups

For a consistent display of course information, I implemented a course title lockup with specifications for social media, Adobe Connect, PowerPoint, and other documents. The course title is placed on a color-coded background, using brand colors to indicate the subject area.


In addition to the course catalog, which is a multi-page web-only document, the course trifold below is designed specifically for print on card stock. The background shapes match up when folded correctly.

The QR codes were added as a convenient way for users to access web content using their smartphones.

2018 Yugen.jpg

Class project for Typography, Fall 2018. A group project with Johnathan and Duong. We were asked to create a comprehensive brand identity for a bookstore. Yūgen—books, coffee, suffering—is an elusive but dynamic brand for a bookstore that provides a haven for deep, slow thought in the relentless pace of modern life.

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2017 Resonado.jpg

Logo design for Resonado, a portable speaker startup, in 2017. They wanted a modern and sophisticated look that alludes to their flat speaker technology.

2017 OhSnap.jpg

OhSnap Photography
Rebranding for OhSnap Photography when I became its manager in 2017. This was a part of a wider effort, improving online presence, streamlining the booking process, and hiring photographers.

2016 K-PEnSA.jpg

Korea-Penn Engineers & Scientists Association
As an executive board member, I created K-PEnSA’s visual identity in 2016. The logo is distinctly Korean and Penn, with motifs from the Korean flag and the K resembling the Penn shield.

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2014 PennPlay.jpg

Penn Play
A gaming hackathon led by Digital Media Design students. I was in the first committee in 2014, creating the logo and conceptualizing the event website.

2014 MEME Week.jpg

This is a simple set of logos and guidelines for MEME Week in 2014, a Promotions and Web Committee effort. Identity required one encompassing brand, and a variation for each day’s agenda.

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2013 KBS.jpg

Wharton KUBS
Rebranding of Wharton Korea Undergraduate Business Society (Wharton KUBS), formerly Korea Business Society (KBS). Using motifs from the Korean flag, this scalable logo unites corporate aesthetic with distinctly Korean and Penn motifs.

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2013 Impact.jpg

IMPACT Magazine
Logo design for IMPACT Magazine in Fall 2013 while working as a Graphic Designer at Penn Student Design.