Graphic & Layout Design

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Lost in the Funhouse.jpg

Typographic Book Cover
Final project for Typography, Fall 2018. Draws from important elements of the story Lost in the Funhouse.

2013 Yearbook Cover.jpg

Portsmouth Abbey School Yearbook Cover
For my graduating class of 2013. The arrow is a symbol and a list of everyone’s last names.

STEM Flyer.jpg

Flyer for STEM Summer Programs at Penn
This was paid work done for PennSASSOI in Spring 2014. Received through Penn Student Design, on-campus employment during my first year. Original file with back side.

MUSE Factsheet.jpg

Muse Factsheet
This is a 2014 factsheet for MUSE Penn, a student organization for marketing at the University of Pennsylvania. The Promotions and Web Committee wished to create a quick, visual summary of the organization.

MEME WEEK logo font color.jpg

MEME Week Identity
This is a simple brand guideline for MEME Week in 2014, a Promotions and Web Committee effort. Identity required one encompassing brand, and a variation for each day’s agenda.

See more work from this project.


Flyer for Korean History Classes
This was done for my mother in 2015. She taught Korean history to elementary school students in after school programs.


Wharton KUBS Identity
Rebranding of Wharton Korea Undergraduate Business Society (Wharton KUBS), formerly Korea Business Society (KBS). Using motifs from the Korean flag, this scalable logo unites corporate aesthetic with distinctly Korean and Penn motifs.

Stamped-2013 Magazine Spread.jpg

Magazine Spread “Shop ‘Til You Drop”
Stamped Magazine, Fall 2013. I tried to show the dynamism of these travel destinations and play on the title.

Stamped-2013 Magazine Spread1.jpg

Magazine Spread “Through the Storm”
Stamped Magazine, Fall 2013. Looking at this in 2019, I would change many things, but I still love how the title turned out.