Final presentation for Graphic Design, Fall 2018. Showcasing 4 works—poster, video, catalogue, and website (desktop only)—created based on an art exhibition of our choice. The four designs are meant to form a cohesive whole, borrowing and synthesizing elements from each other and the exhibition.


Typography in the 21st Century
Class project for Typography, Fall 2018. A look at what is happening in the technology behind typefaces today.


ISSS Lifecycle Management System Mockups
In this late 2018 project, I was asked to create mockups and create a few simple slides for an imagined LMS for managing international students. The system caters to administrators, students, and staff members. After a few brainstorming sessions and emails with my supervisors, I laid out the main parts of the interface on Adobe XD. The dashboard is meant to be an extremely clear, holistic, and quick experience. To remove the effort to be more proactive, notifications and reminders directly provide the action required. In addition, the dashboard makes it easy to manage students directly by implementing modern social network–like profiles and groups that aggregates useful information into one place.


Building Intercultural Competence
Created for ISSS in 2018. A series of 7 slideshows for lectures on intercultural communication. See other modules here.


HBO Squad
Final project for Needfinding, Fall 2017. This was a group project with Landon, Chloe, and David. We presented fresh ideas for improving the video watching experience among millennials to visiting HBO executives. The ideas were generated using methods taught in class.


ISSS 2025
This was my first major project at ISSS. Created in the summer of 2017, it presents a vision of the future of ISSS. In addition to the design, there are several videos, such as the AI assistant mockup video, and graphics that comprise the slideshow. I consulted with leadership, compiled information, and came up with the memorable structure: Embrace, Evolve, Enrich.


ISSS Re-Energize
Created in the summer of 2017, the ISSS Re-Energize presentation is the culmination of a year-long series of interviews with stakeholders. In this project, I was given raw data from the interviews, including comments, notes, and survey forms. I distilled the material to identify a logical structure and flow for the presentation that facilitated our message.


Wharton KUBS Sponsorship Packet
Part of the rebranding and promotional effort of Wharton Korea Undergraduate Business Society (Wharton KUBS), formerly Korea Business Society (KBS). An overview that highlights strengths to potential sponsors.

See more work from this project.